Do Things Differently

“Find the different that makes the difference.” -Antony Lo

There’s a lot of information in the Physical Therapy realm about “proper posture” and doing an exercise “the right way.” #guiltyascharged

It’s all well intentioned…

But I’ve noticed that many of us teach using different cues, and different exercises, and we have different concepts of what “right” really is. And, a lot of the time, people get better no matter which directions they are getting.

What we’re doing most of the time in physical therapy (and in yoga) is guiding you through movements that you don’t normally do, making you use your body in a different way than you have been using it. And, in general, having you move with an awareness of how you are moving.

It’s not that there’s necessarily a “right” and “wrong.” The body should be able to move in all different ways. It’s that we learn to move our bodies in a certain way and then we make a habit out of it. And when we just keep using them the same way over and over we may start to see issues arise. #repetitiveuseinjury #pain #dysfunction

Yoga postures take us out of our pattern and make us do something different. PTs taking us through exercises take us out of our pattern and make us do something different.

I encourage you to #exploremovement in general. Pay attention to what you feel, and move in ways that #feelgood to you. And through that exploration, I hope you can identify a way to move differently, that makes the difference in your body that you’ve been searching for.

If you’d like guidance as you progress through this exploration you can schedule a virtual consultation (completed via FaceTime/Skype) or come see me in person at Whitewave Bodywork.

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