Mo’s Morning Mantra

I’m smart. I’m brave.I’m kind. I’m loved,and I’m worthy of love. This is a version of a mantra I made up for my 2 year old daughter when she started going to preschool. She struggled with the transition. She came home from school and told me daily that she was afraid I wasn’t coming back. … Read more

Thriving Through the 4th Trimester: Assembling Your Village

Welcome to the sixth post in this series, Thriving through the 4th Trimester. Follow me as I share what I learned applying traditions from other cultures to my own postpartum journey. It is my hope that this knowledge will serve as a guide for how to truly care for a woman, as she transitions from … Read more

Laboring Honestly: Morgan’s Story

This is a real birth story written from my perspective as a mother. This was written as a processing exercise for my own emotional health. I have posted it here so that other women can read about one Mother’s actual, unfiltered experiences during birth. This post may contain triggers for emotions to arise for the … Read more