Mo’s Morning Mantra

I’m smart. I’m brave.I’m kind. I’m loved,and I’m worthy of love. This is a version of a mantra I made up for my 2 year old daughter when she started going to preschool. She struggled with the transition. She came home from school and told me daily that she was afraid I wasn’t coming back. … Read more

The Power of Self Love

Would you rather other people love you, or is it more important to you that you love yourself? I asked my husband this question as a part of some coaching exercises the other day. His response was, “I don’t care if anyone else loves me, and I think loving myself sounds conceited.” This answer shocked … Read more

Take a Deep Breath

Focusing on our breath gives us something to be aware of in the present moment. When we become aware of how we are breathing, we can adjust how we breathe, and change our whole state of being. In yoga there are many breathing exercises (pranayama) where we practice noticing and/or controlling our breath. We can … Read more

Thriving Through the 4th Trimester: Assembling Your Village

Welcome to the sixth post in this series, Thriving through the 4th Trimester. Follow me as I share what I learned applying traditions from other cultures to my own postpartum journey. It is my hope that this knowledge will serve as a guide for how to truly care for a woman, as she transitions from … Read more

Laboring Honestly: Morgan’s Story

This is a real birth story written from my perspective as a mother. This was written as a processing exercise for my own emotional health. I have posted it here so that other women can read about one Mother’s actual, unfiltered experiences during birth. This post may contain triggers for emotions to arise for the … Read more