What to Know in your First Trimester

Body mechanics

*Breath-belly pump/navel in on exhale

*Pelvic floor- relax on inhale, kegel up and in on exhale. Understanding how to perform this technique on its own and applying it to lifting/exercises is important for pelvic health throughout pregnancy and beyond.

*Posture/pelvic tilts- understanding pelvic neutral and how that affects the contraction of the pelvic floor and lower back and disc issues can be really helpful moving forward.

*Squatting- let’s look at your squat mechanics. This is likely one of the most helpful exercises to continue doing throughout pregnancy.

*Ergonomics-seated desk, standing, lifting, Getting in and out of the car, log rolling to get in and out of bed

*programs for purchase- Studio bloom, or MUTU are fantastic programs


*Drink WATER! But how much? 1/2 your body weight in oz. for a non pregnant person is what’s recommended to the general population. (Say I’m 140 lbs so I aim for 70oz per day) even more is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas)

*Pregnancy Tea- (counts as part of your water intake for the day!) Traditional medicinals makes a great blend. (Or You can make your own: red raspberry leaf, nettles, alfalfa, and oat straw, rose hips.) **Limit to one cup red raspberry leaf tea per day in first trimester as it is a uterine tonic. A little is good and safe now, late in the third trimester we bump it up a notch to assist uterine contractions **

-Electrolytes- We hear that buzz word all the time but, what are they!? Electrolytes are salts our body requires to function properly in all kinds of ways. They are: potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Hydration is super important but the balance in your electrolytes to water ratio is equally as important. (Especially if you are working out!) I love Coconut water as a food based source of all these electrolytes. Harmless Harvest is my favorite brand. Some other good sources of all four electrolytes is Young Living’s Alkalime and Aminowise. If you are experiencing symptoms like constipation or muscle cramps, CALM (Raspberry lemon flavor y’all. Trust me on this one!) is a magnesium powder that really helps with things like constipation and muscle cramping. (like Charlie horses!) It should be taken at night because it relaxes the body and will help you get more restful sleep. Finding the right balance for YOU is important and everyone is different. You want enough that you are not straining to go to the bathroom (save the pelvic floor!) but also not making yourself have diarrhea on the daily (nobody likes a urinary tract infection!).

*Drink WATER! But how much? 1/2 your body weight in oz. for a non pregnant person is what’s recommended to the general population. (Example: I’m 140 lbs, so I aim for 70oz per day) Even more is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas. I’ve read upto 2.7 Liters for breastfeeding mamas.

*Supplementing your diet

-MultiVitamin- If your diet isn’t stellar… a good multivitamin is important to make sure your baby is getting the nutrients he/she needs. I like the whole food derived versions like Young Living and Garden of Life’s My kind organic prenatal vitamin.

-Young Living makes a supplement called Multi Greens (to make sure you are getting the good stuff even if all you want are cheeseburgers and milkshakes!)

-Omega 3- Fish oil is great for brain development! The brain starts to develop after the neural tube closes around week 7.

-Energy! In the first trimester we can be very tired and need a healthy boost of energy to get through the workday. Young living makes a drink called Ningxia red which is a natural energy boosting drink full of antioxidants that are safe for pregnant mamas. Adding a B-complex vitamin can help boost your energy as well, and can also be helpful if you are having any sensory discomfort like itching from your skin stretching or you just feel like every little thing hurts more than it should or your fuse is shorter than normal. B-complex was magic for me for these!

-Speaking of skin stretching… it’s about to do a lot of that! Collagen is the component in the skin that aids in the stretch. They make pills and powders, but I like to get mine through bone broth best. (Recipe link here.) I add a good quality pink Himalayan or Celtic Sea salt for extra mineral intake (again, electrolytes).

-If prone to urinary track infections- D-mannose powder and a urinary tract specific probiotic can work wonders.

Check ingredients on skincare and cleaning products. Avoid:



DMDM hydantoin & urea (imidazolidonyl)

Mineral oil

Parabens (methyl, butyl, ethyl & propyl)

Polyethelene Glycol


Propylene glycol

Emotional/situational support

-nausea- ginger chews, hard candy, or crystallized ginger, peppermint essential oil can be diffused, you can add one drop in a glass pitcher of water, or add to a roller bottle with orange and ginger

-energy- earth mama morning wellness tea, peppermint lemon roller,

-sleep- lavender EO in coconut/jojoba oil, self massage

-sensitive skin on tummy- tender tush YLEO

Gifts for first trimester mama

-Ningxia red samples (nutrition & energy)

-Peppermint/lemon roller (energy & focus for pregnancy brain)

-Lavender roller (relaxation and minor skin irritation)

-Pregnancy tea packets

-Tender tush sample (for belly massage to avoid stretch marks)

-Multigreens samples (nutrition boost)

-Super B (nausea and energy boost)

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