Mo’s Morning Mantra

I’m smart. I’m brave.
I’m kind. I’m loved,
and I’m worthy of love.

This is a version of a mantra I made up for my 2 year old daughter when she started going to preschool.

She struggled with the transition. She came home from school and told me daily that she was afraid I wasn’t coming back. So I thought it might help to do some tapping and hear words that could help her through the day.

Now, every morning before I drop her off, I gently tap her forehead and say, “Mozi is smart.” I touch her nose, “She is brave. I tap her chin, “She is kind.” And I rub her chest in a circle and tell her, “Mama loves you and she’s always coming back.”

For now, I say this mantra to her. But it is my intention to plant this seed in the hope of starting a practice that we develop together, and that we can expand upon as she grows.

Eventually, I hope she will be the one, looking in the mirror and telling herself, with “I” statements, that she is smart, brave, kind, loved and worthy of love… and many other positive things as she sees fit.

I believe self talk is a large part of why we succeed, or fail, through life. This is my way of attempting to build a strong foundation for self talk with her.

You are welcome to try this one with your little ones, or use it for yourself if it resonates with you!

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